Feb 28, 2009

Argentum Metallicum

Argentum Metallicum is the other name for silver. Pure silver cannot be absorbed into the body. However, when silver is combined with other elements, the body is able to absorb its compounds. In Greek medicine, it was used in the form of silver foil as a tonic, but pure silver cannot become a part of the body tissue. Unfortunately, these days lead is beaten into the form of a foil and sold as silver even though lead is very harmful to the health of a person. As far as homoeopathy is concerned, any metal which comes into contact with the lining of the skin or the inner lining of the gut is absorbed into the body, although it may not be detectable by any sophisticated gauges. The main effect of the Argentum Metallicum is on the elastic cartilage bones, which become thick and hard. The thickened nasal bone can cause difficulty in breathing. Small bones of the ears develop nodular thickening. This process of progressive thickening of the bone can lead to cancer formation. Argentum Metallicum works profoundly on the brain cells. The cells start melting away slowly, and premature senility sets in. The capability to comprehend deteriorates. This weakness starts in the central part of the brain and then spreads gradually to other organs of the body. Mental faculties start failing. Hands and feet start to bend. The memory becomes weak to the extent that the patient goes out of his senses and talks nonsense. The ability to think decreases. Serious thinking causes dizziness. This is a danger signal and indicates the degeneration of brain cells. In such cases, Argentum Metallicum in high potency should be administered without delay and repeated every fifteen to twenty days or monthly. The inhaler used by asthmatic patients also contains a poisonous substance which, like Argentum Metallicum, makes the brain
tissue shrink and then degenerate. Argentum Metallicum 76 Argentum Metallicum resembles Lachesis in the way that the symptoms aggravate during sleep, especially the nervous exhaustion leading to generalized physical fatigue. Argentum Metallicum works deeply on the muscles of the limbs. Neuralgic pains mostly affect both the legs and the feet. The nerve fibres feel as though they are being torn apart. These neuralgic pains aggravate during sleep and in cold and wet weather. (Rheumatic aches and pains also get worse in stormy and humid weather). In the rainy season, they also get worse before and after the rain. There is no associated swelling of the limbs, but the patient is definitely very restless. Light movements lessen the joint pains while rapid motions intensify them. The discomfort is not due to the sleep itself, but the rest offered by sleep. The pains are worse at night as in Rhus Tox. The difference is that in Rhus Tox, there is a severe physical uneasiness and the person spends the night tossing about. Argentum Metallicum is very useful in the cancers of the skin and mucus membranes. Cancer at the uterine neck, which most doctors label as incurable, is very amenable to Argentum Metallicum, even curable. In case the cure is not achieved, the patient can still remain comfortable for a long time. Tarentula Hispania, Helonias and Carbo Animalis are also very useful in cancer of the cervix of the uterus. In Argentum Metallicum, there are widespread ulcerations on the body. The ulcers over the cartilage bones respond very well to Argentum Metallicum. It is also associated with the lining of veins. A very special feature of Argentum Metallicum is that it affects the internal organs of women strictly on the left side, and the internal organs of men strictly on the right side. Usually it is not difficult to differentiate the remedies specific for the right or the left and upper or lower part of the body. This remedy, however, particularly differentiates the ailments of right and left in men and women respectively. In women, the ovary swells into a form of a large cyst. Accumulation of different materials makes it large and more thick. The uterus also expands and loses its elasticity. Once expanded, it does not return to its original condition. This problem aggravates after every delivery and sometimes the uterus descends down. Argentum Metallicum is extremely useful in such women, offering cure. The uterus becoming hard and the cervix stiff, in association with a Argentum Metallicum 77 putrid discharge, indicate the presence of a deep serious problem. Administered early on, Argentum Metallicum can abort the disease. If the legs hurt but the real cause is not known, Argentum Metallicum is worth a trial. It can be very useful in post-menopausal bleeding. Argentum Metallicum is generally, though not necessarily, indicated in women of thin, lean build with long slender hands. It may be useful in obese women also. Some people feel sudden jerks on retiring to sleep or during sleep. This is quite troublesome. Grindelia is ideal in such cases. Arsenic may also be useful. Argentum Metallicum is indicated if such jerks of violent motion are secondary to severe physical fatigue. Generally, Grindelia is good enough in most such patients. One single dose may work for many weeks, and does not need to be repeated. Argentum Metallicum symptoms are at the climax exactly at midday. The patient feels dizzy. The headache is localised to the forehead and face or sometimes on any one side of the head, but mostly on the right side. It intensifies gradually, but then subsides rapidly. This pain is related to facial neuralgia, because basically this is a neuralgic remedy and headache is also related to nerves. Severe itching, limited to one ear and leading to the injury and thickening of the ears, is indicative of Argentum Metallicum. Thickening of both ears is an early sign of leprosy. Leprosy, a very slowly progressive disease, can best be controlled by early use of Hydrocotyle. Argentum Metallicum is extremely useful in diabetics and patients passing albumin in the urine. Provided its other signs are also present, it can be completely cured. Argentum Metallicum is also very beneficial in inflammation of the inner lining of the kidneys (Nephritis). In Argentum Metallicum, two signs are shown in urine. If it is dark coloured, this indicates passage of albumin in the urine. If it is cloudy and copious, this indicates the presence of sugar, as is in juvenile diabetes. Argentum Metallicum would only be useful if other constitutional symptoms are also present. Argentum Metallicum would be useful in diabetics with failing kidneys who wet their beds at night. Argentum Metallicum 78 In Argentum Metallicum there is a feeling of extremely unusual weakness and lethargy and the body feels lifeless. Argentum Metallicum is the treatment for this extreme fatigue. Argentum Metallicum is a remedy of speakers and singers. It is well known for the treatment of hoarseness of the voice following excessive speaking and singing. Hoarseness is known in other homoeopathic remedies too, such as in Rhus Tox, however, it is not difficult to differentiate between them. In Rhus Tox, the patient feels a hoarseness of the voice at the outset, which gradually gets clearer and better gradually on continued talking. If the voice becomes worse on talking, Borax can be used. However, if the overall symptoms are of Argentum Metallicum, this will prove better than Borax. In Argentum Metallicum, the trachea swells up and is very painful. The cough becomes aggravated by laughing (as in Phosphorus). Argentum Metallicum patients develop cold on exposure to the cold which can lead to irritation of the throat, and discomfort at the upper part of the chest. The fever comes on in the afternoon. There is severe weakness in the chest and pain on the left ribs. Argentum Metallicum is of good use in diseases of the lungs. Stanum is better than Argentum Metallicum in diseases associated with a lot of sputum/expectoration, unless the overall picture resembles that of Argentum Metallicum. There is premature ageing in Argentum Metallicum. Even at the age of 20 to 25 years, the face appears full of wrinkles. Sarsaparilla is the best remedy for premature ageing. Chinisum Ars is good in ageing which is secondary to deep illnesses of long-standing. The liver and spleen fail. In Sarsaparilla the skin shrivels. In Argentum Metallicum, if the patient lies flat on his back, watery fluid accumulates in the lung, causing palpitations and difficulty in breathing. On sitting up and standing, the upper part of the lung becomes clear of the fluid, and the person can breathe easily. Argentum Metallicum is very advantageous in pregnant women experiencing sudden or severe palpitations of the heart. Typically, the symptoms of Argentum Metallicum aggravate by touch and at midday. Sleeping in the open air at night lessens the severity of the cough, but other physical ailments get worse. Antidote: Merc Sol, Pulsatilla Potency: 30 to CM



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